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Yaghnob Valley
The Yaghnob Valley lies at an elevation of 2500-3000 m (8200-9800 ft), with the Zarafshon Range to the north and the Hisor Range to the south. When the Arab invaders arrived, some of the descendants of the ancient Sogdians fled there and ended up staying there. The hard-to-pass mountains protected those who had fled and allowed them to preserve their language and culture.

However, the mountains provided only limited protection for the people of Yaghnob. Ultimately, various circumstances caused the Yaghnob people to be scattered. One cause was limited availability of arable land in the valley.

Another was that, in the year 1970, the people were forcibly resettled in the Zafarobod area. Just before the resettlement, there had been 32 villages and around 4000 inhabitants in the Yaghnob Valley.

After eight years in their new location, some Yaghnobis realized, that they were losing their traditions in that foreign land. 

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